Website Package Options

At Graphic Connections we can build you a new website from scratch. you tell us how you want it to look and we ‘ll do​ it for you


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    5 Pages

    The basic pacage comes with a home page and 5 additional fully customizable pages .

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    Custom email

    Look Professional with

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    HTML 5

    HTML5 is the Leading web format for front end code. you can be sure that each and every website we make comes with full html5 Support and Code

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    Responsive Website

    Our Websites Will be configured in a way that it will look stunning on any screen resolution

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    Mobile Friendly

    Mobile optimized to achieve a beautiful look on mobile devices, with support for high resolution displays (QHD, UHD, Retina Display)


All The Features of basic plus:

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    30 Pages

    This Professional package comes with a home page and 30 additional fully customizable pages.

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    Custom Code

    you can add custom code to the website to make it feel more like yours.


All The Features of professanail plus:

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    Unlimited Pages

    This Premium package comes with a home page and a unlimited amount of fully customizable pages

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    Gmail/Gwork Suite

    You have the option to integrate Google’s G work Suite with your email the be even more efficient with work.

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    Fully featured ECommerce Option

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    Online Payments

    Paypal / Bantree extensions allow for seamless transitions to your website